You best 360D LED  Lighting Supplier in China

Our 360-degree light-emitting tubes are different from the light-emitting tubes on the market. Most of them are T8 light-emitting tubes and pixel light-emitting tubes, and the quality levels are not uniform. KLM’s 360-degree luminous tube material uses gas-phase silica gel with the best light transmittance on the market, and the lamp beads use RA90, OSRAM light source. Color temperature includes 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, R, G, B, RGB &RGBW.

In order to cooperate with different sites and constructions, we provide different product accessories to combine different 360-degree light-emitting tubes. For example, flexible has embedded installation and borderless embedded installation, making different shapes. Like hard tubes, the conventional shapes are round and square, but we can do arc shapes or any shape you want.

360Degree Lighting Product Categories

360° Flexible Lighting Tube | 360° Hard Lighting Tube | 360° Round Lighting Tube | 360° Square Lighting Tube | 360° Customized Lighting

LED 360Degree Flexible Lighting

It can be used to design light in a space can be combined to create countless linear or curved structures of light. Can be combined to form a system of letters, numbers, and symbols as well as free or closed compositions. To produce suspension appliances that can match with architecture or space functions.

360Degree of Light uses innovative technology and manufacturing principles to produce a continuous and comfortable light.

Also can be combined with our other light, like with magnetic light design together, meet all contractor or lighting design needs

360Degree LED Linear Tube

360-degree linear lighting tube, available can be customized with different lengths, these lights provide versatile lighting for a variety of interiors, including retail and office spaces.

DC24V safe voltage, max 6m, can connect with different lighting designs. Illuminated tubes in opaque injection-molded PMMA.

Diameter:D20/30/40/50mm for your option.

360Degree Round Lighting

360-degree circular lighting tube with PMMA materials with DC24V, max diameter can up to D3000mm, customized different lighting tube design, suspended/surface-mounted.

360 degree Loop Chandelier is a statement piece that will draw the eye to its dramatic design, with its own composition, form, and the material becomes an integral part of the construction.

360Degree LED Square Type

Get 360 degrees diffused illumination with our lighting tube, Architectural LED Cylinder Pendants. Available different lengths supplied modern LED Square Pendant Light, Customize a variety of shapes.  Materils: Acrylic + fumed silica gel.

Our 360degree lighting tube effect:

  • Good light transmittance
  • High refractive index
  • Uniform luminescence
  • No light spot
  • Customize a variety of shapes

360Degree LED Lighting Project Cases

Any led lighting design we can help you production | single color | R|G|B|RGBW


The only 24V for this lighting tube, so also need to 24-220v/110v transformer then can working.

Yes, standard with IP20, but also can be customized waterproof types, like IP65.

Because of materials reason, body only with white color.

Sure, can according to your request production size. Too many different diameter can be option.

Ourself R&D 360degree flexible lighting tube materials using fumed silica gel, better quality than T8 plastic cover or Pixel lights, ours lighting tube inside choose Ra90 OSRAM LEDs with better lighting.