IP65 LED Outdoor Floodlights can be used in a host of applications and their bright lights can improve the security and safety at home or work. Also, LED floodlights can be defined as high-intensity, broad beamed artificial lights often used to illuminate outdoor areas.

For satisfied different place with lighting request, we saw the introduction of the led flood light with PIR Version; RGB Version led floodlights and Dusk Till Dawn LED (Photocell) led flood light type. KLM Lighting led flood light range of Classic, RGB, PIR and Dusk Till Dawn versions are available in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W ,100W, 120W etc.

  • Classic LED Security Floodlights

  • LED security floodlights are used to provide dramatic, bright, powerful illumination covering a relatively large area. They are usually, but not exclusively used in commercial settings, and they are perfect for lighting car parks, industrial areas and sports arenas.
  • LED RGB Floodlights

LED RGB floodlights can have a truly amazing effect at night, the color palette that is achievable is truly magnificent. Whether you want to light up an interior or exterior space, LED flood lights can create dazzling colors for an eye-catching display.

  • LED PIR Floodlights

LED PIR floodlights feature a built-in PIR (Passive Infra Red) movement detector. The powerful light is an excellent deterrent against vandals and intruders, improving the security of any building.


  • LED Dusk Till Dawn Floodlights

A revolution in lighting, LED Dusk To Dawn floodlights, as the name suggests, are a form of lighting that come on when the sunset is detected and then continue to remain illuminated until the sunrise is sensed.