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KLM led module light is the perfect solution for residential homes to commercial projects such as hotels, clubs, pubs, and bars. Designed not only as a replacement for traditional halogen lamps in most applications but also as a replaceable LED lamp and driver set for a range of click-in frames, as a complete downlight solution. It suits most MR16 downlight frames, depending on height.

As a complete lamp and frame solution, IP20 & IP65 LED module lamps for options. Featuring a reflector style lens max with 60° beam angle effects to suit ceiling heights or lighting effects. Available in different power options depending on the light intensity required.

  •  IP20/65 LED module light series are optional to meet the needs of different occasions.
  •  Family design frame for MR16 GU10 & LED Module, full range of spotlights, different needs, and different choices, face rings can choose a variety of styles.
IP20 5W led module down light

KLM-IP20 LED Module Series

IP65 COB LED MR16 Module LED Retrofit Kit

KLM-IP65 LED Module Series

MR16 Module Fitting Series

MR16 Module Fitting Series

MR16 Module Fitting Series


As the best LED Downlight Manufacturers & Suppliers in China, we supply different design and function downlights for a wholesale, contractor, lighting designs that satisfied different like commercial lighting, hotel lighting, housing light, etc architectural lighting.

  • Recessed spotlights & downlights;
  • Surface downlight;
  • Waterproof downlight; (IP44/IP54/IP65)
  • Trimless spotlights;
  • Pull out spotlights;
  • Wall washer downlight;
  • Grill combination downlight;

Mini LED Spotlights

Ultra-thin LED Spotlights

Anti-glare LED Spotlights

Wide angle LED Downlight

Wall Washer Downlights

IP65 Recssed Downlights


Surface mount downlights are a great option when you don’t have enough space to install recessed downlights. Surface-mounted downlights it is an ideal alternative to recessed downlights. No holes to cut, led surface downlight very easy to fit. This type of lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and is ideal for settings where there is little space between the structural ceiling and the dropdown ceiling, or when the ceiling is exposed.

  • Round or Square surface mounted downlight, all can do suspended mounted downlight;
  • The ip65 led surface mounted downlight is wide-angled and choose black lighting reflectors to deliver high light output on a large surface with UGR<16;
  • Inner adjustable surface led downlights or base adjustable surface spotlights to allow the angle of the light to be directed as required, often to illuminate a specific area of the room or to accentuate a feature.
  • Using a Wall washing downlight can provide a uniform wash of light to a flat wall providing good even distribution of light from floor to ceiling;

Standard Surface downlights

Waterproof Surface Downlights

Wall Washer Surface Downlight

Adjustable Surface Downlight

Surface Ceiling Downlight


The led grille downlight more design with rectangular, recessed grille light or surface grille downlight widely applied to engineering projects and general commercial lighting areas. In KLM, you also can find trimless grille led spotlight too.

LED grille downlight has many great features offering a viable alternative to CFL and incandescent bulbs. The Trimless grille downlights are suitable for plastering into new ceilings, grille. They are ideal for shops and retail applications.

LED grille downlights (Gimbal LED Downlights)consume less power compared with conventional commercial lighting products, are designed and engineered for retrofit halogen gimbal downlights.

Recessed Grille downlights

Surface Grille Downlights

Trimless Grille Downlight

Linear Grille Spotlights

Traditional Grille Downlight

KLM Commerical Lighting Project

Hotel | Apartments | Supermarkets | Villas | Museum | Galleries | Luxury shops | Restaurant


Our led down lights include ip20/ip44/ip54 and ip65 types.

For contractor or lighting design, NO MOQ.

Triac dim | 0-10v | Dali,  or smart control also can be matched our led downlights.

  • LEDs: CREE| Bridgelux etc;
  • Driver: LIFUD | Cupower | KEGU | Eaglerise | Philips | Osram | Tridonic etc;
  • Samples with 5days;
  • Order with 10days;