Because LED light have save energy, high efficient and long life span feature, so now almost all different traditional light choose led light replacement it. Especially is led street light.

HPS (high pressure sodium lamp)

This lamps even lighting is soft, but luminous efficiency not good, so when LED street light coming, happend bulk replace the revolution.

But meantime take a problem is aesthetic awkward predicament.

  • Everybody knows led street light can be save energy, but led lighting looks “too white” no atmosphere.

Even HPS light luminous efficiency not good than led light, but lighting can let’s people feel “warm and quiet, sense of history”


Problem is:We should pursue optical or aesthetics?

1: Why people like warm white with led street ?

(Below picture from Roman)

More of the people said: ” Lighting is critical to design and a person’s feeling’s important a place. This is tragic and thoughtless. “

Although know the LED street light than traditional lamp performance is superior, but for the pursuit of beauty, or that the Italian government this encountered opposition from the vast majority of people.

2: Why people accept cool white with led street light?

1) highly energy efficient;

2) easy to control where the light lands on the ground;

3) LED lighting increases traffic safety;

4) improves security by discouraging crime.

5)Energy savings from LEDs automatically means a lower carbon footprint, which is better for the environment.

So , led street light need to warm white or cool white?

First, can be very clear that our visual system for the acceptance of the warm yellow light lamp is far greater than the white light lamps, so I can give the standard is 3000 k, but this is not absolute standard, but the “recommended” 3000 k color temperature or lower.

But if you ,you want your home street choose which color?