Low maintenance, high brightness

Reduce both your energy bills and maintenance costs with this 15W 2D integrated ceiling light that comes with PC housing and an ABS base.

The 30,000 hour lifespan significantly exceeds that of traditional lighting equivalents. And with 1000 lumens behind it, an extra-bright beam is assured.

Can be used outdoors

With an IP65 rating (water and dust proof), it’s durable, versatile and can be used in bathrooms and outdoors to give you more choice.

Microwave Sensor options

For a little extra you can get microwave sensor options with this light. This will allow you to adjust the distance in which the sensor detects, how long the light will remain on after detection, and the lux to set how dark it is before the light will activate.

As it’s a microwave sensor, it can detect movement through glass walls and windows, so it’s ideal for offices.

Technical information

  • Microwave Emission Value:  5.8Hz
  • Photosensing Setting: 2Lux-Non-Limitation
  • Sensing Distance: 1-8meter,gear group
  • Time delay: 6sec-30mins,gear group
  • Angle coverage:   360°
  • Recommended Mounting Height: 2.5m